All you want to know about jio set top box

jio set top box

jio set top box
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box contents:

box contents
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the main set top box then there is HDMI cable this is really an amazing and powerful cable then Ethernet cable.

Then there is one power adaptor, user manual, and smart remote this remote comes with many amazing functions and it is very compact remote.

Main set top box:        

This is not a normal  set top box actually it is a 4k TV box with an additional set top box function.

There are 7 ports available first is cable TV port you can also use a cable TV in this jio set top box this port makes this set top box to a hybrid set top box.

A second port is SPI port this is a very high-speed port that is used to connect another external device with a set top box.

The third port is HDMI port forth port is Ethernet port fifth port is USB port so you can connect the USB drive or pen drive or you can connect your mobile also with this set top box Sixth port is eSATA port and the last port is for the power adaptor.   

Now performance and functions and apps in jio set top box :

You can see the interface of jio set top box in the picture

interface of jio
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First of all, you need to connect the set top box with your wi-fi there is wi-fi option on the top menu and some other basic options are tare in the head menu.

Apps available in jio set top box is the first app is jio tv+ there are many movies and tv serials are available you can see live tv easily on this app.

There is a premium subscription of sony tv and Hotstar and Disney+ so you can watch all premium movies and web series available in both apps this is not an offline you need to use your data during watching live tv.

Then there is jio cinema, jio seven for music, jio store to download more apps, photo gallery you can see photos easily using Pendrive, internet speed test app, voot, jio pages, youtube,  jio games and you can also download and use amazon prime videosNetflix, zee5.

But the main a disadvantage of this set top box is there is no support of a cast it means you don’t cast your phone screen on your tv screen.

If you want to see offline tv then you need to buy a jio cable service so you can easily see offline tv on jio set top box.

This set top box is made with advanced technology which will use less data than mobile.

The video quality is amazing there is no problem of buffering and legging during watching any video even 4k video can easily play on this jio set top box.

This set top will also support a voice command just click on mick button in remote and you can give voice command but this is voice command need improvement this voice command can easily understand one word but if we give ling word commands then it doesn’t understand.

But you don’t install 3rd party apps easily in a set top box  if you want to install 3rd party the app then you need to follow below steps

(1)go in jio pages

(2)install an app you want to download

(3)then go in settings

(4)Click on apps

(5)scroll the page and Click on see all apps

(6)click on show system apps

(7)Click on the app you download from jio pages

(8)Click on open

(9)click on ok in your remote

One more disadvantage is you cant connect your Bluetooth headphone or earphone with this jio set top box you can only connect the remote with tv.

The good thing is the remote is Bluetooth remote and you can also use your android phone as a remote of jio set top box.

jio set top box plans and price

there are 6 plans of jio as below


Price:  699INR

Data: 100Mbps


Price: 849INR
Data: 100Mbps


Price: 1299INR
Data : 250Mbps  


Price : 2499INR
Data: 500Mbps


Price: 3999INR
Data: 1Gbps


Price: 8499INR
Data: 1Gbps

jio set top box online booking:

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For more information on jio set top box plans and price

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