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(1)Samsung pay card

Samsung pay card
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Samsung is planning  to launch the payment card in the UK this is  like a normal debit card, you can easily pay the amount using this card.

You can pair this card with your Samsung which support NFC  so you can use your phone  Samsung phone as payment card or payment bank or online wallet.

This card is very safe and secured if you loos the card then you can easily block your card or close your account using your mobile phone it's very simple to use and easy to use but this card is not available in whole world this card is available only in some countries one of the first country is the UK.

(2)LASER communication

LASER communication
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Scientist are trying to provide internet under the ocean using lasers yes it is possible to transmit information using laser it we use the LASER for internet then its speed is very high.

As light and optical communication is very fast if we are abele to use only laser to provide or transfer a data then its speed is most fast speed internet available in the world.

The first try of LASER internet is successful this try is done in the very small distance in underwater and scientist is trying to make it possible you can understand the concept of this LASER internet by the picture above.

(3)Samsung gaming monitor

Samsung gaming monitor
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Samsung launched an amazing 49-inch curve monitor for gaming this monitor name is odyssey G9 this is a QLED 49-inch curved display.

This is a 1000R curve display now  you get a wider field of view  during gaming without any problem batter view mean batter gaming performance this monitor supports 99 dirges VR view.

This display technology is called DQHD there the pixels are   5120 * 1440 so each and every details are look very clearly you can say that there is two 27 inch super ultra-wide angle QHD Display. 

(4)snapdragon 865+

snapdragon 865+
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The QUALCOMM is planning to launch the all-new processor in July this processor is the most powerful processor in the world in smartphones.

As the ROG 3 is also launched in July so the ROG3 is a first a smartphone which has this amazing and very fast processor the ROG 3 is a more powerful smartphone then black shark 3 if you don’t read about the amazing smartphone black shark 3 then click here The processor is really very fast and amazing but the official date is not given by the snapdragon.

(5)sony truly wireless earbuds

sony truly wireless earbuds
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Sony recently launched truly wireless earbuds which are WF-XB700 and WF-XB8OON  the starting price of this sony TWS is start from 9,990 for WF-XB700 and 18,990 for WF-XB800N.

The base of this sony tws is very amazing and sound quality is also amazing this truly wireless earbuds are very premium quality earbuds its design is also very unique.

These earbuds are water registrant the rating for this tws is IPS5 and battery life of this sony tws is 9hours without a case and if you use the case thenthe battery life is 18hours and the SBC and AAC both codes are supported this is really good thing for these earbuds.

If you are finding the wireless headphones under 2000INR then click here.

(6) snapdragon 8cx

snapdragon 8cx
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The snapdragon is working on new processor this 8cx processor is in developing phase so the feathers and other details are not given.

But the snapdragon say that this processor is for laptops so this processor is not for the smartphones this processor is more faster than the intel core i7 10th gen processor so the performance of this processor is really amazing.

(7)Panasonic tablet

Panasonic tablet
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Panasonic recently launched its new ruff and tough tablet this tablet name is TOUGHBOOK A3’S this laptop is for industrial use only for charging there is a USB Type-A port.

This tablet is very tough you can trough it from the 3rd floor of your house this is a 4G tablet and screen is 10.1 inches the processor is octa-core.

Performance of this tough book is really amazing due to the octa-core processor you can use this tab with any other electric device which supports tablet this tablet is really amazing for commercial usage.   

(8)collaboration of  waymo and Volvo

collaboration of  waymo and Volvo
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The very big car brand waymo and Volvo collaborate to create an amazing self-driving car so this car is fully automatic and not need any human to drive.

These self-driving cars are our future so as both companies are so we hope that the self-driving car produced by these companies are great.

Some prototypes are ready but this is in testing and development phase so this is not available for a ride or for sale after this the phase we see the final car.

(9)Realme x3

Realme x3
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Realme recently launched realme X3, X3 super zoom  and relme buds Q both smartphones are made in India but the buds Q is made in china.

There is a snapdragon 855+ processor then 64MP Quad camera in back with 20X hybrid zoom for a selfie, there is a dual 16MP dual punch hole type camera.

The display is 120HZ ultra-smooth display this display looks really grate there is a 30watt dart charger which is a super fast charger the operating system of this mobile is realme UI and the base layer is of android 10.

This smartphone is nice in a price range of 25k range as the processor and display are amazing.

(10)galaxy m31

galaxy m31
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As we know the m series has amazing battery life so the Samsung galaxy m31 has 6000mah battery so the battery life is very long even it's not possible to complete the battery in just one day.

And m series support fast charging so this battery will charge very fast and as the Samsung  use good quality display in every phone so this smartphone also has full hd+ display.

The cameras in quad rear camera style but MP values are not known and processor Is also not known but this mobile has a fingerprint sensor in back so its cost is maybe less than 20k.

thanks for reading my tech news.

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