Optical fiber

Optical fiber

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Mr.Daniel colladon  describe the optical fiber first in 1842 with example of light fountain first lecture on fiber optics is given by Jacques Babinet in paris in 1840

Principal of working

The optical fiber will work on the principal of total internal reflection it mean when incident angel and reflection is equal in other words when ray of light will reflected back in same medium it’s called total internal reflection it’s only happened when incident angel is greater than the  critical angel .

Construction :

Introduction to Fiber Optics
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The optical fiber has a main three layers which is core, cladding and outer jacket The reflective index of core is always high then cladding the light is travel true the core than cladding will provide a density difference so ray of light will reflect back to the same medium the outer jacket will provide a strength to fiber this is a basic construction the full construction is shown in figure above .  

Types of optical fiber   

·        Single mode optical fiber

·        Multimode optical fiber

·        Step index  optical fiber

·        Graded index optical fiber

Overview of optical fiber

The light is use to transfer data true the optical fiber so due that loss of data is very less and data transfer speed is very fast the maximum data speed is 3GhzAnd we can cover very long  distance without any repeater so due that fiber optics is used to make internet links internet we use is travel long distance under water true the optical fiber .

Applications of optical fiber

·        In medical imaging such as endoscopy

·        Flexible digital cameras

·        Used in plumbing to see under the pipes

·        In military applications to carry secure data


·        Data rate is very high

·        Loss of data is very less

·        Weight of optical fiber is very less

·        It will provide very high band width


·        Connecting of two fiber is very difficult

·        Cost is very high than  other type of cable

·        It is very difficult  to know positive and negative signal

·        Location of fault is finding is very difficult   





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