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(1)Samsung launch event on 5th august

Samsung launch event
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Samsung planed a event on 5th august and they decide to launch 4 new products at this event.

·       NOTE 20 , NOTE 20+ OR ULTRA

·       Samsung galaxy fold 2

·       New smartwatch

·       New truly wireless earbuds 

(2)oppo 125w  charger

oppo 125w  charger
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Oppo announced 125w flash charger this charger Is able to charge 4000mAh battery in just 15 min to 20 min this is the fastest charger available for smartphones.

There is mainly four chargers are launched by oppo

1.   Oppo 125w flash charge

2.   Oppo 65w Air vooc wireless charger

3.   Oppo 50w mini super vooc charger

4.   Oppo 110w mini flash charger


(3)jio mart

jio mart
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The jio mart is an online shopping platform you can buy grocery’s for home and if you has a grocery shop then you can also shop your grocery on this online shop.

This jio mart is expanding gradually and jio is planning to connect fashion, beauty products , electronics, etc on this online shop.

(4)jio AI glass

jio AI glass
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Jio announced AI glass which is able to provide holographic video experience this AI glass is work with 5G network and you can do holographic meetings using this jio AI glass.

The launch date is not given and any price details are also not available the weight of this glass is only 75gms.

(5)AI is now future subject of CBSE bord

AI is now future subject of CBSE bord
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IBM is planning to start AI teaching in CBSC bord in INDIA after 2 years the AI (artificial intelligence) has become a subject of the CBSC.

AI is a very interesting subject and IBM is providing teachers and course of this AI subject and course is decided by  IBM this is an amazing subject to learn.

(6)ROG phone 3 launched

ROG phone 3 launched
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ROG recently launched the monster of gamming the ROG 3 there is 30-watt output fast charger then cooler for a cool down the phone during long time gaming.

The main camera of 64MP camera 13MP camera for ultra wide-angle photos and 5MP macro camera in back in front there is a 24MP camera.

The screen of this mobile is main highlight the refresh rate of screen is 144HZ and 270HZ sampling rate size of a screen is 6.59 inch full HD+ liquid AMOLED.

Processor used in this phone is the fastest processor available for smartphones which is a snapdragon 865+ octa-core processor.

Price for 8GB RAM and 128GB memory is 49,999INR.

Price for 12GB RAM and 128GB memory is 57,999INR.


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iPhone started manufacturing of iPhone 11 and iPhone SE in INDIA and the many new iPhone is now made in INDIA.

All smartphone of Samsung is now starting manufacturing in INDIA there is world's biggest mobile manufacturing factory was there in Noida which is in INDIA. 

(8)corning new glass

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Corning launched new gorilla glass which name is corning gorilla glass victus as per corning this glass is most rugged glass available in market.

If you throw your phone from 2miters than it can protect your phone screen this is most tough glass made buy corning in we see this glass in premium phones.

(9)6G launch

6G launch
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Samsung is planning to start 6G internet by use of laser internet  due to the laser internet and 6G from Samsung the data speed is unlimited.

Samsung says that the 6G will be launched in start of 2028 so there is wary long time in 6G so in this time we use 5G as jio say they start 5G service in start of 2021.

(10)Amazon smart cart

Amazon smart cart
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Amazon launched a smart shopping cart this cart is very smart it can calculate the price of each thing you put in it and then the total amount of bill is automatically cut from your bank account.

So we do not need to stuck in line for billing and to give money all things done automatically and you did not need to carry any cash amount with you.

(11)Smart helmets in Mumbai

Smart helmets in Mumbai
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Now USA of smart helmets are started in Mumbai this smart a helmet can easily know the body temperature of people and it can also provide some other basic health information.

This smart helmet is able to show health information of more then 10 peoples at a same time so it's safer than all other methods of temperature  measurement.

(12)realme 6i

realme 6i
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Realme launched 6i smartphone which is almost same as other realme smartphones there was nothing special in this smartphone.

There is 90HZ display 48MP camera in back then 16MP selfi camera in punch hole style, 4300mAh battery with 30watt fast charging and side fingerprint sensor.

Price for 4GB RAM  64GB storage is 12,999 INR.

Price for 6GB RAN 128GB storage is 14,999 INR.

(13)iPhone 12 launch

iPhone 12 launch
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The iPhone 12 launch is a delay to November due to the COVID-19 and there are no major changes in this iPhone 12 the battery capacity of  iPhone 12 max  or pro max is 2775mAh.

This battery capacity is very less than all other smartphones which are available in market and price of this smartphone is very less if we compare it with iPhone price.

And the new charger will provide 20watt output which is not available in a box of iPhone 12 we have to buy charger separately.


If we compare this charger with oppo charger which will provide 125watt output than iPhone charger is very slow and battery life is very less and price is almost double than other phones.

(14)NETFLIX pause

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NETFLIX is planning  to provide a pause option so using this option you can pause your NETFLIX plan up to 10 months.

If you don’t want to use NETFLIX for some months then you can use this option without canceling your current plan so this option can save your money.

(15)TikTok ban

TikTok ban
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Us government ban the TikTok application for all so anyone in The US can not able to use TikTok application the main reason of ban this app is data leak and information leak of users and some other reasons were there.

This app is not following the security low of US that’s why they ban this app they ask some basic questions to developers of this app and they aren’t able to give a proper explanation so that this app is now banned in the US. 

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