privacy policy

privacy policy


website policy:

Our website policy mainly has three points which are listed below this policy shows that if you are using our website or if you are reading anything on our website then you also need to know our privacy policy.

Google policy:

If you see any google ads on our website in future than pleas don’t do any fake clicks on it and if you do fake click than we need to tack any strict action on you.

We will found you and block you so you cant read any of our new articles and you than you are not able to visit our website and you're account is blocked for a permanent basis.

Children’s policy:

If your age is below 13 then please don’t visit our website there is no content available for age below 13 our articles are not for you.

Our articles are based on tech news and new technology so that things are not useful for children’s so please don’t visit our website if you age is less then 13 years.

Terms & condition:

·       Please don’t send any bot traffic on or website.

·       Please don’t don any spam comments on our website.

·       Don’t do any fake click on our website.

·       Don’t try to do fake click on ads showing on our website.


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